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“It was all Labour’s fault….”

One thing that is really annoying me in Politics at the minute is the real overuse by the government  of “It was the last government’s fault…” or other variations of it. It’s become so much of a joke that my students are now running sweepstakes on Tory MPs and how long before they will say it (for the record it took Justine Greening about 20 seconds to say it on last nights episode of Question Time). David Cameron is chief among this. Apart from continually not answering the question (a Prime Minister tradition), PMQs is littered with these comments.  At the minute it seems like it will be the campaign slogan for the Tories/Lib Dems in 2015.

There is a real possibility that this will backfire on the Coalition. It’s been 2 and a bit years since they actually formed the government and they are still blaming the Labour government for issues in Britain today, most notably the economy. Now I’m not naive enough to suggest that Labour were not at fault for nothing in their 13 years in power or that change can simply happen overnight in British Politics but there has to be a point by which the blame game has to stop.

There was a big swing away from Labour, partially because of the lack of faith that people had in Gordon Brown, but also because they were seen as having wronged the country and that the Tories would fix it. If they carry on with this blame game for another year, that would be over half of their term up and they would be breaking the promise that they had made to the electorate in the election. Anybody who would be sensibly scrutinising the Coalition parties would say “Well you haven’t done what you said you were going to do?” or “If it was Labour’s fault, why did you not sort it?” There is also the fact that by highlighting that something was “Labour’s fault”, the government are highlighting problems for the public to see. This policy is being counter productive and will turn people who are swing voters away from the Tories and to alternatives.

Now in terms of Labour, and I fully admit that I don’t see Ed Miliband as a creditable Prime Minister, subtly they have acknowledged their mistakes in the past and demonstrated failings. This was evident with Red Ed’s recent speech regarding Labour’s immigration policies of the past. By doing this Labour make the Tory “Labour’s fault” idea redundant and again pushing the idea of “Well what are you doing about it?” What the Labour need to do is offer areal alternative to the Coalition government in order to win on merit rather than on Coalition failings, much like Jon Cruddas MP recently said similar to 1945, 1964 and 1997.

So if the Tories/Lib Dems want to stay in government, they should cease and desist from the idea of “Blame Labour”. There’s only so long it can be valid for….

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